Oakford Farm Fishery

Oakford Farm Fishery in Essex offers three lakes filled with a variety of fish like carp, tench, bream, and more.

The Top Lake is popular for carp fishing, the Middle Lake boasts larger carp and an island fishing spot, while the Small Lake is ideal for beginners with a good chance of catching fish.

Oakford Farm Fishery

Oakford Farm Fishery, Oakford Farm, Oakford Farm Lane, Goldhanger, Essex, CM9 8LX

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Oakford Farm Fishery

About Oakford Farm Fishery

Oakford Farm Fishery in Essex is a great place for fishing. There are three lakes on the property that are filled with carp, tench, bream, golden orfe, roach, and rudd. You can come here for a day of fishing with a ticket, or book a group match in advance.

The Top Lake is shaped like a kidney and has 23 spots for fishing. It’s been open for about four years and is popular with both groups and individuals. You can find carp weighing between 2-7lb, with some even bigger.

The Middle Lake has 21 spots and lots of trees and plants around the bank. There are mostly carp in this lake, with many weighing in the double digits. There’s also an island in the deeper part of the lake that makes for a good fishing spot.

The Small Lake is a favorite for beginners and kids. There are ten spots and lots of carp, bream, and tench to catch. You’re almost guaranteed to catch something here.

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