Passingford Pond

Passingford Pond in Essex is a private farm pond open to members and their guests.

It features ten grassy swims, lilies, and reeds, making it a serene fishing spot.

Stocked with carp, Crucians, Tench, Rudd, Perch, and Chub, it offers opportunities for float fishing.

Convenient parking and year-round access make it an accessible and enjoyable destination.

Passingford Pond

Passingford Pond, Passingford Bridge, Abridge, Romford RM4 1AA, United Kingdom

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Passingford Pond

About Passingford Pond

Passingford Pond in Essex is a small, beautiful farm pond that is only available for members and their guests. If you are not a member, you can get a book of three guest tickets from the Secretary in advance. The pond has ten grassy swims surrounding it, with colorful lilies and reeds along the edges, making it a peaceful and attractive spot to spend a day or evening.

The pond is great for float fishing with either a running line or pole, thanks to its size and abundance of lily pads. The Society stocked the pond with carp in 1986, and now you can find carp up to 20lbs, as well as Crucians up to 3lbs, Tench up to 5lbs, Rudd up to 1.5lbs, Perch up to 3lbs, and a few Chub.

Parking is conveniently located just 20 yards from the pond, making it accessible for those who may have difficulty walking long distances. Passingford Pond is open all year round, 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy fishing here whenever you like.

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