Cants Mere

Cants Mere in Essex is a 3-acre fishery that has been stocked with larger common carp weighing between 18-35lbs.

The fishery has been transformed into a lake for anglers seeking to catch bigger fish.

Night fishing is allowed with the appropriate permit.

Cants Mere

Cants Mere, Mill Beach, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6YT, United Kingdom

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Cants MereCants MereCants Mere

About Cants Mere

Cants Mere in Essex is a 3-acre fishery. The people who take care of the fishery have taken out most of the smaller common carp and put in bigger carp weighing between 18-23lbs, and some even weigh over 35lbs. They have made it into a lake for people who want to catch bigger fish. You can fish at night if you have the right permit.

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