The Willows

The Willows in Essex is a lake created in 1973 from gravel excavation for the A12 road.

It was later converted into a carp fishery, where large carp over 50lb have been caught, with one currently weighing over 40lb.

The Willows

The Willows, Essex, CM3 [Full address not available]

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The WillowsThe WillowsThe Willows

About The Willows

The Willows in Essex was created in 1973 when gravel was dug out to build the A12 road. In 1974, trout were introduced into the lake. In the 1980s, the ownership changed and the lake was turned into a carp fishery.

Over the years, carp weighing over 50lb have been caught in this lake, and currently there is a carp weighing over 40lb.

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