River Stour

The River Stour in Langham, Essex, offers a diverse fishing experience with various species like chub, bream, roach, barbels, perch, carp, pike, dace, and gudgeon.

The river has different sections with shallow reeds, fast streamy areas with oxygenated water, and deeper pools, providing opportunities for anglers of different preferences and skill levels.

River Stour

River Stour, Essex, CO4 5, United Kingdom

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River StourRiver Stour

About River Stour

The River Stour in Essex, specifically the section known as Langham, starts just below Boxted Mill and goes for about a mile and a half until the boundary marked by a club sign. The first half of the river is shallow with reeds and lilies along the edges. There is a fast streamy part with a flume halfway down that creates oxygenated water.

You can find chub, bream, and roach in this section of the river. Chub, in particular, can grow up to 4lbs. There are also some bream weighing up to 7lbs and good roach fishing in the deeper water above the flume in the winter. Small barbels were stocked in 2002, and there are some larger barbels up to 11lbs.

Near the Lowlift pool, the river slows down and deepens, similar to the section above Boxted Mill. Here, you can catch chub, bream, perch, carp, and pike up to 14lbs. During the winter or when the water flow is higher, you can also catch roach, perch, dace, and gudgeon using stick float tactics. Fishing is allowed for about 150 yards past the junction of the River Box with the Stour.

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