Crow Green Fishery

The Main Lake at Crow Green Fishery in Essex holds 350 fish including carp and catfish weighing over 40lb and 100lb respectively.

Despite multiple attempts, two elusive catfish weighing 125-130lb have evaded capture for 2 years, despite being hooked numerous times.

Crow Green Fishery

Crow Green Fishery, Ingatestone Road, Pilgrims Hatch, Brentwood, Essex, CM15 9SL, United Kingdom

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Crow Green FisheryCrow Green FisheryCrow Green Fishery

About Crow Green Fishery

In the Main Lake at Crow Green Fishery in Essex, there are 350 fish in 3 acres of water. Some of the carp in the lake weigh over 40lb, while the catfish can weigh over 100lb. In the last 6 months of 2016, over 10 different catfish weighing over 100lb have been caught, with the biggest weighing 112lb. There are at least 2 catfish in the lake that have not been caught for 2 years, and they are estimated to weigh between 125-130lb. Even though these catfish have been hooked many times and almost caught, no one has been able to successfully land them.

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