Bentley Fishery

Bentley Fishery is a serene and private 3.5-acre carp fishing lake in Essex with 7 designated spots, willow trees, lily pads, and over 80 large carp.

Anglers can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding countryside, and it is recommended to use a bait boat for optimal fishing.

A perfect location for carp fishing enthusiasts.

Bentley Fishery

Bentley Fishery, Brentwood Road, Brentwood, Essex, CM14 5RU, United Kingdom

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Bentley FisheryBentley Fishery

About Bentley Fishery

Bentley Fishery in Essex is a 3.5-acre carp lake that is set in the countryside. It has 7 designated fishing spots with plenty of space for your fishing gear. The lake is peaceful and offers beautiful views of the surrounding woodland and fields.

The lake is well-maintained with willow trees and lily pads, and there are over 80 large carp swimming in the water. There are two islands and trees along the banks that provide private fishing spots for each angler. It is recommended to use a bait boat to reach the best fishing spots.

Overall, Bentley Fishery is a great place for carp fishing, with a tranquil and private atmosphere that will make any fisherman’s dream come true.

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