Horton Grange

Horton Grange in Tyne and Wear was once a mining hole, now transformed into a picturesque fishing spot through restoration efforts with RM Banks.

The area boasts lush greenery, colorful flowers, and a variety of fish like roach, rudd, tench, perch, and bream.

It is a serene destination for anglers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Horton Grange

Horton Grange, Berwick Hill Road, Ponteland, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE13 6BU, United Kingdom

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Horton GrangeHorton GrangeHorton Grange

About Horton Grange

Horton Grange in Tyne and Wear is a beautiful fishing spot that used to be a mining hole. Thanks to restoration efforts, it is now a stunning landscape with lush plants, trees, and colorful flowers. The collaboration with RM Banks has helped bring back life to the area, making it a popular fishing destination.

Many people love to fish at Horton Grange because of the variety of fish such as roach, rudd, tench, perch, and bream. You can spend the day fishing or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings and watch the wildlife like swans, geese, ducks, terns, and coots.

Horton Grange is a favorite spot for anglers, but there is always space available on the bank. It is a peaceful and beautiful place that anyone would love to have in their own backyard.