Whipley Reservoir

Whipley Reservoir is a small lake at East Whipley Farm in Tyne and Wear, popular for fishing with carp, roach, and rudd among other species.

The shallow water and scenic setting with shrubs hanging over create a peaceful fishing experience.

Accessible parking at the nearby equestrian center makes it convenient for visitors.

Whipley Reservoir

Whipley Reservoir, Tyne and Wear, NE25 8AQ, United Kingdom

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Whipley ReservoirWhipley Reservoir

About Whipley Reservoir

Whipley Reservoir at East Whipley Farm in Tyne and Wear is a small lake located within a horse riding center near Shamley Green. It’s a great spot for fishing, with plenty of carp, roach, and rudd to catch. There are also tench, perch, gudgeon, and a few crucian carp in the lake.

The water is shallow, reaching about 4 feet deep at its deepest point, which makes it a good place for fishing. There’s a nice clear bank along the reservoir where you can set up your gear for the day. The lake is surrounded by shrubs that hang over the water, creating a pretty and peaceful setting for fishing.

If you’re driving to the lake, you can park just 50 yards away at the equestrian center, making it easy to access this lovely fishing spot at East Whipley Farm Lake.