Row Ponds

The Row Ponds in Tyne and Wear consist of five interconnected ponds with varying fish species, offering anglers a diverse fishing experience.

With fish like tench, roach, bream, carp, and perch, these historic ponds cater to a range of angling preferences and skill levels, making them an appealing destination for fishing enthusiasts.

Row Ponds

Row Ponds, Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear, DH4 7JT, United Kingdom

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Row PondsRow Ponds

About Row Ponds

The Row Ponds in Tyne and Wear are a group of five old ponds that are set up in a line, with each pond being slightly lower than the one before it. These ponds have different types of fish in them, so people who like fishing can try to catch a variety of fish.

Some of the fish you can find in the Row Ponds are tench, which are known for being strong fighters and fun to catch. There are also roach, bream, carp, and perch swimming in the ponds, giving anglers a good selection of fish to try and catch.

Whether you enjoy trying to catch big carp, using skill to catch perch, or the thrill of catching a tench, the Row Ponds have something for every type of angler. These ponds have a lot of history and different types of fish, making them a unique and interesting place to go fishing for both experienced anglers and beginners.