Best Budget Carp Rods of 2023

Guide to Choosing the Best Budget Carp Rods

Choosing a carp rod on a budget can be an overwhelming task, fortunately for you we have compiled this list of best budget carp rods to help you choose the perfect carp rod to suit both your needs and budget.

ATLAS 12ft Carp Fishing Rod

The Shimano TX 2 carp rod range is based on proven manufacturing processes, using XT60 carbon. This results in very slim and powerful blanks which will enhance the casting performance. Although the blanks are very powerful, the TX 2 does not compromise on playing action in the tip- and middle section, required for maintaining a secure hook-hold. The TX 2 series have been developed with a plastic line clip. The new TX 2 features pink tipping on black cosmetic wrapping which will immediately catch the eye of the angler.

Atlas 12ft Carp Rod