One More Cast Magic Twig: Safe Or Not?

The Magic Twig is the latest invention from well known and respected carp angler Ali Hamidi and his OMC (One More Cast) team, they have been building anticipation for several months, hinting at their most significant launch to date.

For months they’ve been teasing the introduction of a product that was bound to revolutionize carp fishing – a game-changer.

This particular product left Ali Hamidi visibly moved, even shedding tears, when he successfully captured one of the largest carp ever recorded on an underwater camera.

OMC Magic Twig AKA Product X

This past Sunday marked the unveiling of “The Magic Twig” on the One More Cast YouTube channel.

Presented in a documentary-style video, Ali delves into the story of how Craig Barwell, an angler hailing from the midlands and focused on carp, approached him with an innovative rig component he aimed to bring to the market.

Dubbed “The Magic Twig,” this clever contraption is essentially a spring-loaded device designed to activate when a fish takes hold of your hooklink, assisting in ensuring a solid hookset.

While touted as a revolutionary advancement, it’s worth noting that similar adaptations to fishing rigs have been introduced in the past. Notably, rigs like Steve Renyard’s hermit rig or the bungee rig often demonstrated by Jim Shelley have explored similar concepts.

Carp Anglers Divided Over The Magic Twig

We cannot recall encountering a product that has sparked such a profound division within the carp angling community as The Magic Twig from One More Cast.

On one hand, there are carp anglers that stands firmly behind it, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to test its validity as a transformative innovation. This group is comprised of individuals who champion progress and enhancements in the realm of carp angling.

Conversely, there exists a wide group of anglers expressing their disapproval, deeming the product as a disconcerting emblem of an evolving mindset where carp fishing is perceived as a pursuit driven by any means necessary. This perspective is often championed by seasoned carp anglers who have witnessed the evolution of the sport over the years.

We find ourselves comprehending both sides of this debate. Admittedly, The Magic Twig, as presented, might appear somewhat rudimentary. Yet, it is crucial to acknowledge that, despite our utmost dedication to the safety and well-being of the fish, we are ultimately affixing a hook to a carp’s lip which in itself can cause damage to a carps wellbeing.

Valid concerns are raised regarding the potential for the carp to become ensnared by yet another element. These concerns, while entirely legitimate, hinge upon the manner in which the product is utilized and integrated into fishing practices.

In essence, the discourse surrounding The Magic Twig underscores the complex balance between innovation and tradition, as well as the profound responsibility we bear as anglers to ensure the welfare of the fish we seek to catch. The product’s impact, positive or otherwise, is contingent upon its thoughtful and conscientious application within the broader context of carp fishing.

One More Cast owner Ali Hamidi was quick to respond to the online critics to help alleviate some of the concerns that carp anglers have around this product.

Ali Hamidi responds to critics after product announcement.
Watch Video Response from Ali Hamidi (OMC)

Is the Magic Twig Safe or Not?

An important factor to bear in mind is that the development of the “Magic Twig” would have undoubtedly entailed extensive months of rigorous testing and meticulous design. This thorough process would have been undertaken with a dual focus on ensuring both optimal functionality and the preservation of fish safety. Given the prominent role that Ali Hamidi and the OMC team play as staunch proponents of carp safety, it becomes challenging to entertain the notion that the “Magic Twig” poses any tangible risks to carp.

In fact, it is reasonable to posit that the level of scrutiny and dedication invested in its creation serves as a robust safeguard against potential hazards. This is particularly relevant when considering the team’s well-established commitment to adhering to the highest standards of angling ethics and environmental responsibility.

Comparatively speaking, the potential risks associated with the “Magic Twig” are unlikely to deviate substantially from those posed by existing tackle components that have garnered widespread adoption and acceptance within the angling community. Just as with any innovation in the realm of angling, the introduction of the “Magic Twig” must be approached with an open yet critical mindset. While acknowledging the ongoing concerns surrounding fish welfare, it is equally important to acknowledge the conscientious approach taken by the OMC team in the development of this product.

Ultimately, the true measure of the “Magic Twig’s” impact on carp fishing and fish safety will be discerned through ongoing observation, feedback, and the judicious application of responsible angling practices by the angling community at large.

The magic twig CAD designs from One More Cast by Ali Hamidi
CAD designs of the OMC Magic Twig rig system.

Is the Magic Twig safe to use?

Examining the discussions that have arisen post the unveiling of the “Magic Twig,” it becomes crucial to adopt a devil’s advocate approach that refrains from succumbing to prevailing trends, which have proliferated since the product’s introduction last Sunday.

Will the Magic Twig snag in weed?

Obviously like any rig and components it is far from ideal to have a carp potentially trailing a lost rig, the main concern with The Magic Twig is down to the design and the two retaining prongs that flare out when the product is discharged.

Naturally these retaining prongs will certainly catch onto any weed as the fish moves around, but as shown in a response video from Ali Hamidi these prongs are flexible and will easily bend back on their self freeing any weed they are caught up on.

It’s also important to remember that there are already other products on the market which have the same effect such as method feeders and lead clips, so in our opinion yes there is a potential risk of the magic twig snagging on weed but no more than existing products that are widely used and accepted.

Couple that with the fact that a carp is a powerful creature and the weight of weed, it would not take much resistance at all the bend back the retaining prongs and release the snag when under these kind of pressures.

Does The Magic Twig get caught in landing nets?

The short answer to this is yes, we’ve all been there when netting a carp and a component of our rig gets caught up in the mesh of the net. This can be a real problem and potentially cause damage to the carps mouth if not dealt with before lifting the net out of the water.

However, in our opinion the magic twig poses no more risk than the variety of existing rig components such as lead clips, swivels, hooks and hook baits that can and easily do the same.

As demonstrated by Ali, the Magic Twig may actually be less harmful than currently used components in that there is a little give in the tension due to the spring loaded nature of the product, if it was to become caught in a landing net then it will certainly be less harmful than a component which is locked solid with no room for movement.

Is the Magic Twig bad for the environment?

As with any foreign object in a lake or river, it’s never great to leave any components in the water in the event of a snap off.

What you need to consider is we all use lots of plastic in our carp fishing rigs, from tubing, lead clips and even plastic bait!

A more irresponsible practice is the recent trend of dropping plastic coated leads whenever we have a take, this in itself is littering the lake bed with plastics that will not break down for hundreds of years so to say that the Magic Twig is bad for the environment is a bit hypocritical.

Will the Magic Twig damage carp?

Arguably, the magic twig will give you a better more secure hook hold in the carp’s mouth so hook pulls should be less frequent which is a huge bonus point in our opinion for both the angler and also the safety of the carp.

It’s also been mentioned on social media that the device will lift scales and damage the side of the carp, however if you think about this logically any carp over say 10lb will not come in contact with the magic twig on its scaled body area unless you are fishing particularly long hook links.

We don’t believe there is any more damage to be caused using the magic twig from OMC than what could already be caused by the line, tubing or leader material which is much more likely to come in contact with the carp’s body during a fight.

Fisheries Banning The Magic Twig

In a truly unexpected turn of events, fisheries swiftly imposed bans on The Magic Twig even before its official release to the market.

Farlows, a renowned day ticket lake in the UK, took the lead by promptly announcing a prohibition on the product. Strikingly, this decision seemed to set off a chain reaction, as numerous venues across the UK followed suit in instituting bans.

It’s important to keep in mind that The Magic Twig has not yet made its way onto the shelves of retailers, adding a layer of intrigue to these developments.

OMC The Magic Twig Banned from Fisheries

We feel that this is somewhat an unfair and knee jerk reaction for a product which has not even hit the shelves yet, in our opinion it is no more unsafe than any other end tackle component and that fishery owners are just following the lead of other fisheries without knowing the true facts.

The reality is that this product could in fact prove to be safer and cause less damage to the carp than traditional tackle components once more people use and become familiar with it.


In our opinion One More Cast’s magic twig is a great innovation in carp angling and people are too quick to judge and jump on the band wagon whenever a new innovation hits the shelves.

We think as time goes on the product will be more widely accepted and the true facts about it’s potential issues will be quashed as more and more people put it to the test.

Ali Hamidi and the One More Cast team are naturally under a lot of scrutiny with whatever they do or products they release and the carp fishing community as a whole love nothing more than be sheep and criticize new products or baits that are brought to the market.

Time will tell for the magic twig, but we firmly believe that it is hear to stay, whether that it is in its current form or a re-designed version you can’t argue that the concept is a great one.

One More Cast Magic Twig Self Hooking Device