Farlows Lake

Carp Pike Tench
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Farlows Lake
Farlows Lake,
Ford Lane, Iver, Bucks

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Carp Tench Pike Perch Bream Roach
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Fishery Information

Farlows lake is steeped in Carp fishing history as one of the original gravel pits of the Colne Valley. We have some of the UKs finest, dark & scaley specimen Carp.

Our aim is to make Farlows the number 1 day ticket Carp fishery in the UK. With an incredible platform on which to build we are committed to excellence and Anglers who have visited us feeling they have had a unique angling experience. The Carp are Old and Dark, with character in abundance. We only stock the highest quality English Carp with proven heritage (lineage) and our management works tirelessly to make sure our customers get the best out of their fishing.

The Farlows Complex provides year round action for anglers of all persuasions. We have a 25 acre main lake, a 5 acre lake, plus areas of the Colnbrook River & Grand Union Canal.

Lake 1

Famous anglers such as Rob Maylin and Steve Briggs honed their Carp Fishing skills on this water and have written extensively about the complex. With an estimated 1200 Carp in 25 acres of water there is always a good chance of catching Carp with the average weight being 17lbs – 22lbs.

There are over thirty five 30lb plus Carp in the lake with the largest resident, ‘the Pretty one’ reaching highs of over 42lbs. In 2013 the lake was stocked with 20 fast growing Leney/Dink strain Carp that weighed up to 22lbs, these fish are already growing nicely and we envisage an approximate weight gain of 5lbs per year.

The original Carp are dark and scaley with some real old characters. Commons and mirrors are plentiful and it is safe to say there are very few day ticket waters offering such a top drawer head of English fish to go for.

Lake 2

The lake serves as an ideal leisure water with action a plenty as these young naive Carp have in many cases never seen a hook.Again simple tactics work very well, Boilies and Carp pellet being the going method. Be ready for a sleepless night as large hauls of fish are common place on Lake 2!

This water holds Pike, Perch, Roach, Bream, Tench and Eels. The Pike have been caught to well over 25lbs and they offer excellent sport through the winter.

When the channel was put in many Carp where trapped in the match lake and these have been landed up to 36lbs. In addition to the original stock, 400 Carp weighing between 5lbs and 18.5lbs were added to the lake in 2013 followed by another 20 Carp weighing 13lbs – 17lbs from VS Fisheries. The total Carp stock is estimated to be 500 plus.

Lake 3

Simple tactics are the way forward but dont be afraid to give the fish some bait as they’re always hungry!

This lake will keep you busy all day and provides a great platform to educate young anglers. Fish run to around 8lbs in size.

The Colnbrook River & Grand Union Canal

There are sections of the Colnbrook river running along the flanks of the complex. Specimen Babrbel to over 15lbs have been landed in 2013 and Chub to over 6lbs are not uncommon.

Carp have been caught in the river though this is less frequent.

The Grand union canal that runs above the factory bank has great fishing potential and Carp to over 30lbs have been reported on a number of occasions. For the leisure angler the canal and river offers a wide range of species to target and certainly great sport for those who wish to enjoy some running water sport!