Berwick Slips

Berwick Ponds in London is a popular fishing location spanning 7 acres of water surrounded by reeds and marsh.

Renovated with improved paths, parking, and facilities like showers and toilets, the lake offers a diverse range of fish, including carp and wels catfish.

Regular restocking maintains the lake’s health, providing an enjoyable fishing experience for members.

Berwick Slips

Berwick Slips, London, RM13 9EJ, United Kingdom

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Berwick SlipsBerwick Slips

About Berwick Slips

Berwick Ponds is a popular fishing spot in London with 7 acres of water for fishing. The rest of the area is covered with reeds and marsh, making it a beautiful place to fish.

The fishing spot has been improved over the years with better paths, parking, and fishing spots. Anglers can enjoy nice facilities like showers, toilets, power points, and drinking water.

The lake was cleaned up five years ago by removing a lot of silt, which made the fishing even better. There are plenty of fish in the lake, including carp up to 34lb and wels catfish up to 60lb. They keep stocking the lake with more fish to keep it healthy.

Overall, Berwick Ponds is a great place to fish with a variety of fish and modern amenities for members to enjoy.