Orlitts Lakes

Orlitts Lake in Slough, London is a popular fishing spot spanning 8 acres, offering a variety of challenging features for anglers.

Accessible with a Season Ticket for both Big and Little Orlitts lakes, it presents opportunities to catch big carp, tench, bream, and pike.

Night fishing is also permitted, adding to the allure of this fishing destination.

Orlitts Lakes

Orlitts Lakes, London, SL3 0AQ, United Kingdom

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Orlitts LakesOrlitts Lakes

About Orlitts Lakes

Orlitts Lake in Slough, London is a popular spot for people who like to go fishing. The lake is 8 acres big and has a lot of different features that make fishing there a challenge. If you want to fish in Orlitts Lake, you’ll need to get a Season Ticket that lets you fish in both the Big Orlitts and the Little Orlitts lakes.

People who fish at Orlitts Lake can try to catch big carp, as well as other fish like tench, bream, and pike. One cool thing about fishing at Orlitts Lake is that you can fish there at night if you have the right permissions and gear. This can make your fishing experience even more fun and interesting.

Whether you’re trying to catch big carp, other types of fish, or just enjoy being by the lake, Orlitts Lake is a great place for fishing in the Slough, London area.