Harwood Hall

Harwood Hall, part of the Gaynes Manor estate, is a historic site with a bridge of significance.

Acquired by the Becmain Angling Society in 1964, the estate’s lake boasts various fish species.

Anglers can catch Pike and Bream up to 3lb, alongside Eels, Roach, Gudgeon, and Terrapins.

Fishing is permitted from sunrise to sunset with day tickets available.

Harwood Hall

Harwood Hall, Harwood Hall Lane, Upminster, London RM14 2YG, United Kingdom

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Harwood Hall

About Harwood Hall

Harwood Hall, also known as Parklands, is located in an open space that used to be part of the Gaynes Manor estate. The manor has a long history dating back to the 11th century, and the bridge in the area is considered to be of historical importance.

In 1928, a large portion of the Gaynes Park estate was sold off, but Parklands was kept as a reminder of the manor’s past. The estate is mentioned in the Domesday Book, showcasing its ancient roots.

Since 1964, the Becmain Angling Society has been in charge of managing Harwood Hall. The lake is fed by a stream and is home to various fish species like Carp, Roach, Tench, Rudd, and Bream. The lake underwent a cleaning process in 1966 and was restocked with different types of fish.

Anglers at Harwood Hall have had success catching large fish like Pike and Bream weighing up to 3lb. Other fish in the lake include Eels, Roach, Gudgeon, Chubb, Crucian Carp, Rudd, and sometimes Terrapins can be seen sunbathing.

Fishing is allowed at Harwood Hall from sunrise to sunset, and day tickets can be purchased from the bailiff on site.