Low Pond

Uxbridge Rovers is one of the oldest fishing clubs in the UK, offering various fishing locations including rivers, canals, and ponds like Knightscote Pond.

They welcome anglers of all skill levels, with a focus on conservation and promoting a friendly community atmosphere.

The club provides opportunities for junior and disabled anglers and ensures a fun and environmentally conscious fishing experience.

Low Pond

Low Pond, London, UB9 6AQ, United Kingdom

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Low PondLow Pond

About Low Pond

Low Pond London Uxbridge Rovers is one of the oldest fishing clubs in the UK, starting around 1884. They have a variety of fishing spots like the River Colne, Thames, and Cherwell, as well as gravel pits and a section of the Grand Union Canal.

The club is open to all anglers, no matter their skill level. They have special representatives for junior and disabled anglers to make sure everyone can enjoy fishing. Uxbridge Rovers also work with other groups to protect wildlife and promote fishing practices that are good for the environment.

One special spot owned by the club is Knightscote Pond. It’s a quiet place near Harefield Tackle where anglers can relax and enjoy fishing. Junior members especially love this pond because there are lots of small fish to catch. There are also larger fish like Crucians, Rudd, Tench, and carp for a fun challenge.

Knightscote Pond is a great place to spend a few hours fishing after work or to introduce kids to fishing. The peaceful setting and abundance of fish make it a perfect spot for making fishing memories.

Whether you prefer fishing by the river, canal, or gravel pits, Uxbridge Rovers has something for everyone. Their long history, focus on conservation, and friendly atmosphere make them a great choice for anglers looking for a fun fishing experience and a sense of community.