Clockhouse Pool

Clockhouse Pool in London offers access to exclusive fishing lakes, including The Copse Pool with recent renovations, fish refuge islands, and an aeration system.

Thames Young Mariners in Richmond has a variety of fish, while Shadwells Pool in Barnes provides peaceful fishing spots.

The historic Potomac lake, acquired by BMAPS in 2019, is stocked with Carp and Pike, with night fishing available to club members.

Clockhouse Pool

Clockhouse Pool, Clockhouse Lane, Feltham, London TW14 8QA, United Kingdom

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Clockhouse PoolClockhouse PoolClockhouse Pool

About Clockhouse Pool

Clockhouse Pool in London offers exclusive access to four fishing lakes in South West London. The newest addition is The Copse Pool, which was recently renovated to provide a great fishing experience. The pool has clear banks, fences, access gates, and wood chip paths for easy access. Different fishing spots and fish refuge islands have been added, along with an aeration system to keep the fish healthy.

Thames Young Mariners in Richmond also offers fishing in its lake, which is connected to the Thames. The lake is stocked with a variety of fish, including Carp, Flounders, Mullet, Trout, Zander, Grass Carp, Pike, Perch, and Bream. Carp weighing up to 30 pounds have been caught, along with a near-record Zander. Fishing days are limited due to water sports activities involving children.

Shadwells Pool in Barnes is a peaceful lake surrounded by trees, offering 23 swims including disabled-accessible swims. The lake has Carp weighing up to 32 pounds, as well as Roach, Tench, Bream, and Perch. Fishing is open from April to March, with a close season from December to February.

The Potomac, acquired by BMAPS in 2019, is a historic lake with a variety of fish including Carp and Pike. The lake can reach depths of 24 feet and is stocked with Carp averaging 12 to 14 pounds. Night fishing is allowed with an add-on. The Potomac is exclusive to club members, but day tickets are available for guests.