Gayton Road Fisheries

Mallard Lake at Gayton Road Fisheries in Norfolk is a picturesque 2-acre fishing venue created from a former potato field.

The lake boasts varying depths, abundant vegetation, and three islands, providing a habitat for natural English fish like Carp, Tench, and Wels Catfish.

Anglers face a challenge in hooking these large fish, often weighing over 20 pounds.

Gayton Road Fisheries

Gayton Road Fisheries, Gayton Road, East Winch, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1LH

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Gayton Road FisheriesGayton Road FisheriesGayton Road Fisheries

About Gayton Road Fisheries

Mallard Lake at Gayton Road Fisheries in Norfolk is a beautiful 2-acre fishing spot that was created in 1990. It used to be a potato field before it was turned into a lovely fishing venue. The lake has different depths, from 2 to 12 feet, and is filled with weeds, lily beds, trees, bushes, and three islands, making it a great place for fish and anglers.

The fish in Mallard Lake are all natural English fish that have grown on their own without any help. There are plenty of food sources in the lake, so the fish have grown big. Anglers can catch Common and Mirror Carp that weigh more than 20 pounds, Tench over 4 pounds, and Wels Catfish over 50 pounds. These fish provide a good challenge for skilled anglers, and the lake is known for its large fish.

Most Carp caught recently are between 8 and 15 pounds, but there are some even bigger ones that are hard to catch. Anglers can try to catch these big fish for an extra challenge.

You can get a permit to fish in Mallard Lake, but there is a waiting list. To join the waiting list, you will need to provide some references.

The website has pictures of the fish in the lake, so you can see the amazing fish you might catch.