Shallowbrook Lakes – Horseshoe lake

The Horseshoe Lake at Shallowbrook Lakes in Norfolk has been restored for match fishing, offering opportunities to catch carp and other species.

It can be booked for private competitions and tutorial days for fishing enthusiasts of all levels.

The venue provides a serene setting for angling competitions in nature.

Shallowbrook Lakes – Horseshoe lake

Shallowbrook Lakes - Horseshoe Lake, Dereham Road, Costessey, Norwich, Norfolk, NR5 0LA, United Kingdom

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Shallowbrook Lakes – Horseshoe lakeShallowbrook Lakes – Horseshoe lake

About Shallowbrook Lakes – Horseshoe lake

The Horseshoe Lake at Shallowbrook Lakes in Norfolk has been recently restored to provide a great match fishing experience. The lake has been managed carefully to ensure that anglers have a good chance of catching carp weighing up to 4lb, as well as other species like roach, rudd, bream, silvers, and perch.

Although the exact weights of the fish are not known yet, the team at Shallowbrook Lakes is confident that anglers will have successful fishing trips, especially during the spring when the fish are more active.

The Horseshoe Lake is not just for open matches, but can also be booked for private fishing competitions. Angling groups or individuals who want to host their own matches can arrange this with the lake management. This is a great opportunity for friendly competitions or more formal match events in a beautiful and well-maintained location.

In addition, the lake offers tutorial days for anglers of all levels. These sessions provide expert guidance to help participants improve their fishing skills and learn more about match fishing strategies and tactics.

Whether you want to join an open match, book a private match, or take part in a tutorial day, the Horseshoe Lake at Shallowbrook Lakes is a wonderful venue for match fishing fans. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the chance to compete in angling competitions surrounded by nature.