Marshview Fishing Lake

Marsh View Fishery offers two lakes – Coarse Lake and Carp Lake, each with unique features and fish populations.

The Coarse Lake has 8 spots for various fish types and costs £7/day, while the Carp Lake has 5 spots for carp fishing and costs £10/day.

Tickets are available at Gorleston Tackle Centre.

Marshview Fishing Lake

Marshview Fishing Lake, Butt Lane, Burgh Castle, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR31 9QD

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Marshview Fishing LakeMarshview Fishing LakeMarshview Fishing Lake

About Marshview Fishing Lake

Welcome to Marsh View Fishery! We’re excited to offer you a great fishing experience at our coarse and carp lakes. Here’s some information about each lake and the ticket prices:

Coarse Lake:

– The coarse lake has 8 fishing spots, with 2 sets of 2 spots close together for those who like to fish with friends.
– You can catch different types of fish like roach, rudd, perch, bream, tench, and small carp in this lake.
– We’ve made some improvements to the lake, like making it bigger and deeper by cleaning the bottom.
– It costs £7 to fish in the coarse lake for one day with 1 fishing rod. Kids under 16 can fish for free if they’re with an adult.

Carp Lake:

– The carp lake has gotten bigger by digging out one side, making it almost twice its original size.
– There are 5 spots to fish from, big enough for a bivvy.
– You can find lots of carp in this lake, some weighing over 18lb.
– You can only fish from one side of the lake.
– It costs £10 to fish in the carp lake with 2 fishing rods. You need to use carp rods with a line strength of at least 10lb and maximum hook size of 6.
– The usual fishing time is 12 hours from 8am to 8pm. If you want to fish for 24 hours, you can pay an extra £5.

Ticket Info:

– You can buy tickets for Marsh View Fishery at Gorleston Tackle Centre.
– You can book tickets in advance by visiting the store or calling 01493 662448.

Whether you’ve been here before or it’s your first time, we’re excited to have you at Marsh View Fishery for a fantastic fishing day.