Oakwood Park Lakes

Oakwood Park Lakes in Norfolk offers a serene fishing experience with three lakes, including a large predator lake with catfish and carp, and a smaller oak tree-surrounded lake.

The park provides a peaceful and private fishing setting amidst the countryside, ideal for anglers seeking a tranquil and challenging fishing experience.

Oakwood Park Lakes

Oakwood Park Lakes, Stone Lane, West Dereham, Norfolk, IP26 4JW

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Oakwood Park LakesOakwood Park LakesOakwood Park Lakes

About Oakwood Park Lakes

Oakwood Park Lakes is located in Norfolk, near the hamlet of Hockwold. It’s a peaceful place to go fishing in a natural setting. The park has three lakes for fishing, each offering a different experience.

The biggest lake is called the predator lake. It’s 4.75 acres in size and 8-10 feet deep. The bottom is made of silt and there are lots of fish like catfish and carp to catch. Some of the catfish weigh over 120 pounds and the carp can weigh up to 35 pounds. It’s a great place for anglers who like a challenge.

The second lake is smaller, about one acre in size. It’s surrounded by oak trees and is a beautiful spot for fishing. Whether you’re looking for specific fish or just want to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, this lake is a great place to fish.

Oakwood Park Lakes is a quiet place to fish, with not many other people around. This means you can have a more private fishing experience. The park is all about giving anglers the chance to enjoy the countryside of Norfolk while catching some great fish.

If you’re planning to visit Oakwood Park Lakes, make sure to check the rules for fishing there. This way, you’ll have all the information you need to have a great time fishing in this lovely spot.