Shepherds Port Fishery

Shepherds Port Fishery in Norfolk offers a Silver Membership for fishing.

Rules include no night fishing, a height barrier at the entrance, and children under 14 needing adult supervision.

Weekly or yearly permits can be purchased at the Beach Club.

Supported by the RSPB, the fishery provides access to three lakes and birdwatching opportunities.

Shepherds Port Fishery

Shepherds Port Fishery, 1 Shepherds Port, Snettisham, King's Lynn PE31 7PZ, United Kingdom.

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Shepherds Port FisheryShepherds Port Fishery

About Shepherds Port Fishery

Shepherds Port Fishery in Norfolk is a members-only fishing spot where you can get a Silver Membership to fish there. There are some rules to follow, like no keepnets allowed on Bear Lake since August 2009. You can’t fish at night, and kids under 14 need an adult with them who is over 14.

When you go to the fishery, watch out for a height barrier at the entrance that is 2.21 meters tall. You can’t buy day tickets, but you can get weekly or yearly permits at the Beach Club next door.

The fishery was made possible with help from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), who gave support and money. In return, the RSPB gets a car park, and the Association gets access to three lakes. Two lakes are owned by the Association, and one is leased from The Sandringham Estate.

Shepherd Port Fishery is not just for fishing – you can also see lots of birds like Red Kites, Marsh Harriers, Kestrels, and Barn Owls.

There are three lakes at the fishery: Queens Lake, Shepherds Lake, and Bear Lake. Queens Lake has roach, carp, and bream. Shepherds Lake has rudd, tench, and chub. Bear Lake is mainly for carp fishing, but you can also find roach, rudd, and tench there. You can have fun fishing with a waggler or whip.