The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn Fishery in Norfolk offers six lakes spread over 30 acres behind a charming pub.

Anglers can enjoy various fishing experiences, from targeting big fish in the two large lakes to match fishing and pleasure fishing in the four other lakes.

The fishery provides a serene and enjoyable setting for anglers seeking a mix of relaxation and excitement.

The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn, Lenwade, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 5SE

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The Bridge InnThe Bridge InnThe Bridge Inn

About The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn Fishery is located behind a pub in the beautiful countryside of Norfolk. It is a great place for people who love to fish and enjoy beer in old pubs. The fishery has six lakes spread out over 30 acres, so there is plenty of space for different types of fishing.

If you like catching big fish, there are two large lakes that are 8 acres and 5 acres in size. These lakes are perfect for targeting and catching larger fish for a more exciting fishing experience.

In addition to the big lakes, there are four more lakes at the fishery that offer different types of fishing experiences. Whether you enjoy match fishing, pleasure fishing, or targeting specific types of fish, there is something for everyone at these lakes.

The Bridge Inn Fishery is a beautiful place with well-kept lakes, a cozy pub, and lovely surroundings that make it a great spot for anglers looking for a relaxing yet exciting fishing experience.