Barford Lakes

Willow Lake at Barford Lakes is a picturesque fishing spot in Norfolk, established in 2001, offering good facilities for anglers.

Known for its variety of Carp ranging from 2 to 10 pounds, the lake features banana-shaped pegs with fishing platforms and scenic surroundings with Willow trees and reeds.

It is a popular destination for match fishing.

Barford Lakes

Barford Lakes, Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, Norfolk, NR9 4QJ

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Barford LakesBarford LakesBarford Lakes

About Barford Lakes

Willow Lake at Barford Lakes in Norfolk was made in 2001 and is the newest fishing spot at the complex. It is next to peg numbers 1-16 of Railway Lake and has good facilities for anglers. There is a portakabin at Willow Lake with two rooms for clubs fishing at Railway and Willow lakes. The portakabin is on the right side of the bridge when you enter the complex.

Willow Lake has a variety of fish, mainly Carp that weigh between 2 and 10 pounds. This gives anglers a chance to catch fish of different sizes.

The pegs at Willow Lake are in a banana shape and have fishing platforms for easy access. The lake is around 10 feet deep on average, and the water is 6-8 feet deep about 6 meters from the bank.

The lake got its name from the Willow trees planted between the pegs, making it a pretty place for fishing. There are also reeds by the edge of the lake, making it even more beautiful.

Willow Lake is a great place for match fishing with lots of Carp and well-thought-out peg layouts, making it a fun and successful spot for anglers.