Hoveton Hall

Dilham Fishery in Norfolk offers a picturesque 2.5-acre fishing spot with a 0.75-acre lake and 19 angler spots, ideal for disabled individuals.

Fishing options include day tickets or season passes, with weekend competitions available.

The lake boasts various fish species and requires a rod license and small fee.

It’s a serene place for nature lovers to unwind and enjoy angling.

Hoveton Hall

Hoveton Hall, Hoveton, Norfolk, NR28 9PZ, United Kingdom

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Hoveton Hall

About Hoveton Hall

Dilham Fishery in Norfolk is a great spot for fishing, especially if you have a disability. It’s a 2.5-acre area with a 0.75-acre lake and 19 spots for anglers to fish from.

You can choose to buy a ticket for the day or get a season pass. They also have fishing competitions on weekends if you’re feeling competitive.

The lake is full of different types of fish like rudd, carp, and roach. To fish here, you’ll need a valid rod license and pay a small fee.

The lake is really pretty, with two islands and a middle part that sticks out. It’s a nice place to relax and enjoy nature while you fish.

Dilham Fishery is open every day and is popular with all kinds of anglers. The fishery is well-liked because of its layout, clean water, and variety of fish. It’s a great place to have a fun and successful fishing trip.