Highbridge Fisheries

Highbridge Fisheries in Norfolk is a renowned 9-acre lake that was once an irrigation reservoir but has become a popular fishing destination, especially for its big common carp weighing over 40 pounds.

Due to high demand, a waiting list for carp fishing is in place until 2024, ensuring fair access for all anglers.

Despite this, the lake offers a tranquil setting for fishing various other fish species, making it a sought-after spot for anglers seeking an enjoyable fishing experience in south Norfolk.

Highbridge Fisheries

Highbridge Fisheries, Highbridge Road, East Harling, Norfolk, NR16 2SZ

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Highbridge FisheriesHighbridge FisheriesHighbridge Fisheries

About Highbridge Fisheries

Highbridge Fisheries in Norfolk is a well-known 9-acre lake that used to be an irrigation reservoir. Now, it’s a great spot for fishing. The lake has different depths, going down to 37 feet, which is good for different types of fish.

One of the best things about Highbridge Fisheries is the big common carp. People come here to try and catch carp that weigh over 40 pounds, which is really exciting for carp fishing fans. But right now, there are already enough people on the waiting list to fish for carp. No new applications will be accepted until 2024. This way, the fishery can make sure everyone has a fair chance to fish.

Even though the carp waiting list is full, you can still go fishing for other types of fish at Highbridge Fisheries. It’s a beautiful and peaceful place where you can enjoy the lake and the nature around it.

Highbridge Fisheries is a popular choice for anglers in the area because of its great fish population and the chance to catch big common carp. It’s a lovely spot for anyone looking for a fun fishing experience in south Norfolk.