Starlane Cheshire provides exclusive water access to members for fishing.

The pool was taken over by Warrington Angling Association and is being revitalized.

Located off Pool Lane in Statham near Lymm, the pool offers depths ranging from 3 to 9 feet and a variety of fish species including roach, carp, pike, and more.


Starlane, Cheshire, WA13 9XX

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About Starlane

The Starlane Cheshire access to the water is only for members. The pool used to be leased by another fishing club but they gave it up, so Warrington Angling Association took it over. The pool was in bad shape, but WAA plans to fix it up by cleaning up the fishing spots and removing fallen trees.

This stillwater is located off Pool Lane, with access from Star Lane in Statham, near Lymm. The pool is surrounded by big trees and has depths ranging from 3 to 9 feet.

There are many different kinds of fish in this pool, including roach, perch, tench, crucians, carp, bream, pike, and more. You can also catch large eels, stillwater barbel, and chub here.