High Legh Fisheries

High Legh Fisheries in Cheshire offers two ponds for fishing – a figure 8 pond with a variety of fish like tench, crucian carp, roach, and rudd, and a deeper horseshoe-shaped pond with roach, perch, bream, and carp.

Anglers can catch these fish using simple techniques and baits like maggots or bread.

High Legh Fisheries

High Legh Fisheries, Warrington Rd, High Legh, Knutsford WA16 0QS, United Kingdom

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High Legh Fisheries

About High Legh Fisheries

High Legh Fisheries in Cheshire is a former fishery located near Arley Hall. It has two ponds, one shaped like a figure 8 and another small horseshoe-shaped pit surrounded by trees.

The figure 8 pond is weedy and has about twelve spots to fish from. It is shallow, around 3 to 4 feet deep, and has small tench, crucian carp, roach, and rudd. These fish are easy to catch with a simple pole or float rod using maggots or bread as bait. Bringing a weed rake can help clear the pondweed and attract more fish to your spot. There are also large ghost carp in this pond that can be caught with floating baits or sweetcorn/luncheon meat, but make sure to use strong tackle as they tend to head for the weeds when hooked.

The second pond is located behind the main pond, through a gate and across the field. There are 5-6 spots to fish from, but the water is very deep so children should be supervised. This pond has roach, perch, bream, and carp up to 8lbs. Maggots and bread are effective baits for this pond. Make sure to keep the gate closed to keep the sheep out.