Gawsworth Fisheries

Gawsworth Fisheries in Cheshire offers a variety of fishing experiences across its five lakes, catering to both casual and serious anglers.

The fishery, with a history dating back 400 years, provides opportunities to catch a range of fish species, including carp, chub, barbel, roach, perch, bream, and crucian carp.

Gawsworth Fisheries

Gawsworth Fisheries, Church Lane, Gawsworth, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 9RQ

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Gawsworth FisheriesGawsworth FisheriesGawsworth FisheriesGawsworth Fisheries

About Gawsworth Fisheries

Gawsworth Fisheries in Cheshire is a great place for all types of fishermen, whether you’re just looking to relax or aiming to catch some big fish. There are five lakes at the fishery, including the Wood Pool which has some really big carp weighing over 30lb. The Wall Pool is perfect for casual fishermen, with lots of smaller carp up to 15lb. It’s been around for over 400 years and used to be a carp pool for Gawsworth Hall. You can also find Chub, Barbel, Roach, Perch, and Bream there.

Park Pool has some big carp too, with the largest ones weighing over 25lb. There are also lots of Crucian carp for those who enjoy match fishing. Coppice Pool is the newest lake, built in 2009, and it’s deep with carp up to 8lbs. It’s a great spot for all levels of fishermen.