Plex Flash

Plex Flash Cheshire Plex is a 2-acre fishery known for its beautiful surroundings, diverse fish population including carp and catfish, and varied lake bed with bloodworm beds and different sediments.

Carp can weigh up to 27lb, while Catfish can exceed 45lb, with the biggest caught in 2009 at 38lb 12oz.

Plex Flash

Plex Flash, Cheshire, CW11 3, United Kingdom

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Plex Flash

About Plex Flash

Plex Flash Cheshire Plex is a beautiful 2-acre fishery with lots of lily beds and bullrushes in the summer. The water is shallow in some areas and deep in others, with an average depth of 4ft. There aren’t many snags, except for some trees on one side of the lake. The lake bed has bloodworm beds and different types of sediment.

There are various types of fish in the lake, including roach, tench, and crucian carp. The main attractions are the Carp and Catfish. The Carp can weigh up to 27lb, with many other fish weighing over 20lb. The average weight is in the mid to high doubles. The Catfish are even bigger, with some reaching over 45lb. There are also several other Catfish weighing over 30lb, with an average weight of 15lb. The biggest Catfish caught in 2009 weighed 38lb 12oz.