River Dane

The text describes a fishing spot along the north bank of the River Dane, with deep holes and a variety of fish species available for angling.

Accessible from a meadow, this stretch offers opportunities to catch Large Barbel, Chubb, Pike, Carp, and other fish.

Future expansions may provide more fishing space.

River Dane

River Dane, Cheshire, [Postal Code]

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River DaneRiver Dane

About River Dane

The River Dane is a bit of a walk from the meadow to this spot, so pack light. This stretch is on the north bank and has many deep holes where you can fish. It’s easier to fish from this side compared to the south bank. There is about half a mile of bank available for fishing, but we hope to add more in the future. You can catch Large Barbel, Chubb, Pike, Carp, Eels, Dace, Perch, Roach, Trout, and Grayling in this water.