Moore Quarry

Moore Quarry in Cheshire is a pristine fishing location exclusive to members.

This former sand quarry near Moore village, adjacent to the Manchester Ship Canal, boasts clear waters that have deepened significantly due to rising water levels.

While previously renowned for bream and perch, it now primarily offers carp fishing, challenging anglers with smart and elusive fish that require patience and skill to catch.

Moore Quarry

Moore Quarry, Cheshire, WA4 6, United Kingdom

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Moore QuarryMoore QuarryMoore QuarryMoore Quarry

About Moore Quarry

Moore Quarry in Cheshire is a special fishing spot that is only open to members. It used to be a sand quarry next to the Manchester Ship Canal near Moore village. The water is really clear and can be very deep in some areas. Over the years, the water level has risen a lot due to changes in the local water table.

The quarry used to be known for bream and perch, but now it’s mainly a carp fishing spot. The bays that used to have lots of lily pads are now too deep for them to grow. Fishing here can be tough because the fish are smart and old. It takes patience and skill to catch them, and you might not catch anything every time you visit.