Halsham Pond

Halsham in Yorkshire boasts three scenic ponds ideal for fishing, with the largest pond being the most fruitful.

Despite their size, all ponds offer ample fish.

Nearby, a pub serves quick meals and drinks.

Early arrival increases the chances of a successful fishing trip.

Halsham Pond

Halsham Pond, Halsham, Hull HU12 0DN, United Kingdom

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Halsham PondHalsham Pond

About Halsham Pond

There are three small ponds in Halsham, Yorkshire that are surrounded by nice scenery. In my experience, the largest pond is the best for fishing, but all of them have plenty of fish. There is a pub nearby where you can grab a quick lunch or a pint. Even though the ponds are small, you can catch a lot of fish there. It’s a good idea to arrive early to have the best chance of catching fish.

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