River Derwent

The River Derwent in Yorkshire offers various fishing opportunities at locations such as Butterwick, Stamford Bridge, Sutton, Breighton & Gunby, and Wressle, where anglers can find a variety of fish species like trout, grayling, chub, roach, perch, and barbel.

Permits are required for fishing in these sections during specified hours.

River Derwent

River Derwent, Yorkshire, YO41, United Kingdom

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River DerwentRiver Derwent

About River Derwent

The River Derwent in Yorkshire is a slow-flowing river that starts in North Yorkshire and joins the River Ouse at Barmby. Most of the fishing opportunities are in Sutton and below, but there are also sections at Butterwick, Stamford Bridge, Breighton & Gunby, and Wressle.

At Butterwick, there is a ¾ mile section on the River Rye where you can find trout, grayling, dace, chub, and sometimes barbel. Access is available downstream of Butterwick bridge.

At Stamford Bridge, there is a 155m section on the left bank where you can park for free in the public car park. Here you can find chub, roach, perch, barbel, dace, and pike.

In Sutton, there are two sections. One is a 1½ mile stretch on the left bank opposite the moored boats, where you can find mainly roach in the winter. The other section at Sutton is below the weir on the left bank and offers a variety of fish species including chub, roach, perch, flounders, eels, bleak, pike, and the occasional barbel.

At Breighton & Gunby, there is a ¾ mile section on the east bank where you can find mainly roach and dace, with occasional chub and pike.

The last stretch is at Wressle, where you can fish for roach, dace, perch, bream, and chub. Access is along the A63, past Howden, via the old road on the east side of Loftsome Bridge or down the short lane by the church in Wressle.

To fish in these sections, you need a permit which can be obtained through standard membership from 5am to 10pm.

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