Welham Lake

Welham Lake in Yorkshire is a serene Carp Fishery surrounded by woodland, known for its picturesque setting and quality fishing experience.

It offers a variety of wildlife, well-stocked fish, and a peaceful environment for anglers.

The lake has a management plan to enhance fish numbers and has gained recognition for its beauty and fishing opportunities.

Welham Lake

Welham Lake, Welham, Malton, North Yorkshire YO17 9QE, United Kingdom

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Welham LakeWelham Lake

About Welham Lake

Welham Lake in Yorkshire is a beautiful Carp Fishery located in Malton. The lake is 5.5 acres and surrounded by 18 acres of woodland. It has 10 pegs that can be booked for fishing.

The lake is fed by springs and a borehole in the summer. It is known for its picturesque setting and great fishing experience, rather than having the biggest fish. There is also a fish farm on site.

In addition to carp fishing, Welham Lake offers nature watching, photography hides, and an underwater carp academy in the winter. The lake is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds, foxes, badgers, and deer.

The fish in the lake include Carp up to 26lb+, Tench up to 10lb+, and occasionally eels up to 4lb+. The lake is well stocked, but still offers a challenge for anglers.

The swims are designed for peace and quiet, with each peg offering privacy from other anglers. Welham Lake has a management plan in place to increase the number of fish over 20lb.

The lake has been visited by magazines, consultants, and fishing shows, and has a reputation for its beauty and quality fishing. Membership is free, but registration is required before visiting.

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