Swimming Lake

Welham Lake in Yorkshire is a picturesque spot known for its great carp fishing, wildlife, and stunning landscape designed by Capability Brown.

With a variety of fish species and exclusive fishing pegs, it’s a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts.

Membership is free, and visitors can enjoy the tranquil 5.5-acre lake.

Swimming Lake

Swimming Lake, Yorkshire, YO17 9, United Kingdom

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Swimming LakeSwimming Lake

About Swimming Lake

Welham Lake in Yorkshire is a great place for everyone to enjoy. It’s known for its excellent carp fishing, beautiful surroundings, and abundance of wildlife.

The lake is set in a stunning landscape originally designed by Capability Brown. You can see a variety of bird life, and sometimes even foxes, badgers, and deer.

The fish in the lake include carp up to 26lb, tench up to 10lb, and the occasional eel. The lake is well stocked but still a challenge to catch fish.

There are 12 pegs available for fishing, giving each angler a sense of exclusivity. The lake is popular among fishing enthusiasts and has been visited by magazines, consultants, and tackle company road shows.

Welham Lake spans 5.5 acres and is spring fed. It’s maintained by spring water in the summer. The lake is open for everyone to enjoy, and membership is free. Just register on the website and bring ID on your first visit.

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