Brough Hawk Pond

Hawk Pond in Yorkshire is a 6-acre fishing spot with easy car access and wheelchair-friendly fishing spots.

It accommodates up to 30 anglers and offers a variety of fish species.

Fishing permits are required, and the pond is protected from otters, making it an ideal and peaceful fishing destination.

Brough Hawk Pond

Brough Hawk Pond, Brough, Yorkshire, HU15 1, United Kingdom

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Brough Hawk PondBrough Hawk Pond

About Brough Hawk Pond

Hawk Pond in Yorkshire is a 6 acre pond that was created by extending a section of the main lake. This allows for easy access by car all around the pond, so you don’t have to carry your fishing gear far.

Up to 30 people can fish at Hawk Pond, and many of the fishing spots are designed to be accessible for people in wheelchairs. The pond is home to a variety of fish including tench, bream, carp, roach, rudd, perch, pike, and eels. The pond is regularly stocked with fish, including small carp.

To fish at Hawk Pond, you need to have a Standard Membership permit for daytime fishing or a Class C permit for night fishing. The pond is also protected from otters.

Overall, Hawk Pond is a great spot to fish for a variety of fish species in a peaceful and accessible setting.

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