The Driffield Canal

The Driffield Canal in Yorkshire is a picturesque waterway popular for fishing, especially in Wansford village.

Accessible along the B1249 road, it offers designated fishing spots, though some areas may have parking limitations.

Managed in partnership with the East Riding Fisheries Consultative, the canal is stocked with various fish species, requiring a permit for fishing.

The Driffield Canal

The Driffield Canal, Wansford Lock, Driffield YO25 8NH, United Kingdom

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The Driffield CanalThe Driffield Canal

About The Driffield Canal

The Driffield Canal in Yorkshire is a pretty waterway that is about four miles long, with the main fishing area near the village of Wansford, about three miles southeast of Driffield.

You can easily access most of the Canal as it runs alongside the B1249 road. There are designated fishing spots for anglers with disabilities in Wansford village, where there is also good parking. However, parking in other areas may be more challenging, but you can park on the grass verge in some places.

Some parts of the Canal are filled with silt, and when water levels are low, there may be very little water flowing. The water is usually clear, making it easy to spot fish, but in the summer, there can be a lot of weeds. The fishery is managed in partnership with the East Riding Fisheries Consultative.

Fishing is not allowed at the Canal Head in Driffield.

You need a permit to fish here, which is available with a standard membership from 5am to 10pm. Day tickets and night fishing are not allowed.

The Canal is stocked with roach, perch, bream, and trout, with occasional carp and pike.

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