Pine Pool

Pine Pool in Yorkshire is a popular carp fishing destination known for its large mirrors and commons.

Boilies, trout pellets, sweetcorn, and other baits are recommended for successful catches.

The lake, which prohibits night fishing, charges £5 for two rods or £10 for three rods.

Wheelchair accessible pegs are available.

Pine Pool

Pine Pool, Snaith Road, Pollington, Goole, Yorkshire, DN8 5RQ

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Pine PoolPine Pool

About Pine Pool

Pine Pool in Yorkshire is a popular 6½-acre carp lake within a country park that also has 11 other fishing pools. The lake is known for its mirrors and commons, with some reaching up to 30 pounds. The lake is not stocked with fish under 5 pounds.

To catch carp at Pine Pool, it is recommended to use boilies, trout pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, or bread crust. Anglers who change up their bait often have the best results. There are two wheelchair accessible pegs at the lake.

The lake does not allow night fishing and only barbless hooks are permitted. Anglers must ensure that all equipment is dry before arriving. The cost to fish is £5 for two rods or £10 for three rods, with an additional fee for parking. The lake is located at postcode B76 0DY.

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