Erics Willows

Erics Willows in Yorkshire is now open to the public, offering a 25-acre lake full of carp, including a 59-pounder.

Anglers can fish from various spots around the lake, aided by rowing boats.

Access requires a £50 lifetime membership, with weekend 24-hour tickets at £35 and weekday tickets at £30.

Erics Willows

Erics Willows, Eppleby, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL10 7LF, United Kingdom

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Erics WillowsErics WillowsErics WillowsErics Willows

About Erics Willows

Erics Willows in Yorkshire used to be a private fishing spot for a group of anglers, but now it’s open to anyone who wants to fish there. The lake is 25 acres big and is full of carp, with the biggest one weighing 59 pounds!

There are lots of different spots around the lake where you can set up your fishing gear, and most of them have their own area of water. Sometimes the lake can get weedy, but don’t worry – they have rowing boats you can use to help you fish and get your gear back.

If you want to fish at Erics Willows, you need to pay £50 for a lifetime membership. After that, it costs £35 for a 24-hour ticket on weekends and £30 for a 24-hour ticket on weekdays. It’s a great place to catch some big fish and enjoy a day out by the water.

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