Stocks Pond

Stocks Pond Yorkshire Brickyard Pond is an 8-acre clay pit surrounded by trees, featuring depths ranging from 10 to 15ft with sunken roads at 7ft.

Home to bream, pike, roach, rudd, and carp, including large specimens like 33lb carp.

The fishery has been restocked to enhance the fish population, offering a serene fishing experience for permit-holding members.

Stocks Pond

Stocks Hill, North Cave, Brough, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU15 2LP, United Kingdom

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Stocks PondStocks Pond

About Stocks Pond

Stocks Pond Yorkshire Brickyard Pond is an old clay pit that is about 8 acres in size and surrounded by trees. The pond has a thick layer of silt on the bottom, with a band of reeds dividing it in the middle. Depths range from 10ft to 15ft, with two sunken roads at around 7ft below the surface.

The pond is home to a variety of fish, including large bream, pike, roach, rudd, and carp. In recent years, carp weighing up to 33lb have been caught, with mirror carp over 40lb caught in the past. The fishery has been stocked with young, fast-growing carp and additional bream to improve the fish population.

Access to the pond is through Broomfleet village, past Blue Lagoon, and along the road next to the Canal. Members need permits to fish at different times of the day, with specific access instructions provided on the permit.

Overall, Stocks Pond Yorkshire Brickyard Pond offers a peaceful and well-maintained fishing environment with a variety of fish to catch.

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