Hoyle Mill Dam

Hoyle Mill Dam in Yorkshire is a picturesque fishing destination managed by Barnsley AA.

With over 8 acres of water, it offers 60 fishing pegs and a diverse range of fish species, including large carp and silver fish.

Success here requires strategic baiting and adapting to changing conditions throughout the day.

Hoyle Mill Dam

Hoyle Mill Dam, Hoyle Mill Road, Barnsley, Yorkshire, S71 1AR

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Hoyle Mill Dam

About Hoyle Mill Dam

Hoyle Mill Dam in Yorkshire is a popular fishing spot surrounded by trees and located in a dip. The water is over 8 acres in size and has 60 pegs for fishing. There are also over 13 acres of fishing area available. The fishing is managed by Barnsley AA and the prices for day tickets or season books depend on the type of fish you are targeting.

One of the highlights of this water is the big carp, with the largest carp in Yorkshire, “Sally” the common, being caught here at 49lb 3oz. Unfortunately, Sally passed away in 2003. The water also has a lot of silver fish, which thrive on the high protein baits used by carp anglers.

The dam end of the water is the deepest, with depths of 7 to 9 feet, making it a good spot to fish when the water is colder. There are plenty of silver fish in the water, making it a great place for course fishing. The shallow areas, as well as corners where warm winds blow, are also good spots for fishing. Using maggot and caster as bait can help you catch fish throughout the day.

The key to success at Hoyle Mill Dam is to feed your bait regularly and keep it going in. Starting by feeding a few rod lengths out and gradually bringing the fish closer to you. Shallowing up as the day progresses may also be necessary. By following these tips, you can have a successful fishing experience at this beautiful location.

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