Clayton Wood Ponds

Clayton Wood in Yorkshire has two ponds, each 1/4 acre and 20 feet deep, popular for fishing.

The water is often murky due to trees.

The bottom pond has weed growth this year, making fishing challenging.

Carp up to 20 pounds and tench up to 8 pounds are common catches using floating baits.

Clayton Wood Ponds

Clayton Wood Ponds, Clayton Wood Rise, Leeds LS16 6QN, United Kingdom

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Clayton Wood Ponds

About Clayton Wood Ponds

There are two ponds in Clayton Wood, Yorkshire, both about the same size, each covering 1/4 of an acre. They are located on a hillside in the woods and are quite deep, reaching up to 20 feet. The water in the ponds is often murky due to the surrounding trees. During hot weather, the ponds may not have enough oxygen for the fish, but overall, they are good for fishing throughout the year.

This year, the bottom pond has a lot of weed growth, making it harder to find good fishing spots. Both ponds have carp weighing up to 20 pounds, and they are often caught using floating baits. Another common fish in the ponds is tench, which are dark green in color and can weigh up to 8 pounds.

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