Burshill B Pond

Burshill B Pond in Yorkshire is a 2.5-acre fishery known for its tench fishing, with other species like roach, rudd, pike, and carp also present.

It is weedy in summer, and fishing is best in early morning or evenings.

Recent improvements include new fish stock, facilities, and better access.

Permits are required for fishing, with options for day and night fishing.

Burshill B Pond

Burshill B Pond, Burshill, Driffield YO25 8NB, United Kingdom

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Burshill B PondBurshill B Pond

About Burshill B Pond

Burshill B Pond in Yorkshire is a 2.5 acre fishery that is mainly known for tench fishing, but also has roach, rudd, pike, and carp. In the summer, the pond gets very weedy. The best times to fish are early morning or evenings, and you can catch some big fish. Fish over 5 pounds are common, with the biggest tench caught weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces.

Since 2008, we have been stocking the pond with more fish, including tench, crucian carp, rudd, and small carp. The pond has recently been improved with new swims, a new footpath for easy access, better road access, improved car parking, and toilet facilities.

To fish at Burshill B Pond, you need a permit. Standard membership allows fishing from 5am to 10pm, while a B Class Night Permit allows fishing from 10pm to 5am.

The pond is home to tench, rudd, pike, crucian carp, ide, and carp.

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