Willowgarth Fishery

Willow Garth Fishery in Yorkshire was rejuvenated by local angler Stuart Ward, turning neglected waters into thriving fishing spots with improved banks and platforms.

The fishery offers abundant silver fish like roach, with anglers regularly catching up to 30 pounds of fish.

Additionally, there are big carp up to thirty pounds, with plans for a new carp lake in the future.

Willowgarth Fishery

Willowgarth Fishery, Willowgarth Fishery, Willowgarth Lane, Skellow, Doncaster DN6 8LS, United Kingdom

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Willowgarth FisheryWillowgarth Fishery

About Willowgarth Fishery

Willow Garth Fishery in Yorkshire has been around for over twenty years, but in recent years, it had been neglected and overgrown with weeds in the water and on the banks. Local angler Stuart Ward took over the fishery and has been working hard to improve it. He cleared the banks, added fishing platforms to most of the fishing spots, and got rid of the overgrown weeds.

The fishing at Willow Garth has been amazing, especially for catching silver fish like roach. Anglers have been catching 20 to 30 pounds of fish regularly, with one angler even catching over fifty pounds of roach last winter. The fishery is also known for its big carp, with some weighing close to thirty pounds. Stuart is even working on creating a third lake specifically for carp fishing in the future.

There are two lakes at Willow Garth with a total of 40 to 45 fishing spots. Both lakes have a good amount of roach, with some weighing over 2 pounds. There are also plenty of small roach, rudd, perch, tench, a few bream, golden orfe, and carp weighing over 20 pounds.

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