Spa Ponds (The Three Ponds )

Spa Ponds in Wiltshire is a popular fishing destination with diverse fish species such as carp, pike, roach, silver bream, and eels.

Easily accessible from Bath and Bristol, this spot offers anglers of all levels the opportunity to catch impressive fish like 30lb+ carp.

Spa Ponds (The Three Ponds )

Spa Ponds (The Three Ponds), Wiltshire, BA2 9BN, United Kingdom.

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Spa Ponds (The Three Ponds )Spa Ponds (The Three Ponds )

About Spa Ponds (The Three Ponds )

Spa Ponds, also known as The Three Ponds, is a great fishing spot in Wiltshire. To get there, take the A4 road from Bath towards Bristol and then turn onto the A39 towards Marksbury at the roundabout near the ‘Globe Inn.’ After a short drive, you’ll see a left turn into the College grounds. Keep going until you reach the car park on the left side, which will have signs pointing to the lake. You can access the lake right across from the car park.

This fishing spot is perfect for anglers of all levels, with a variety of fish to catch. You can find large carp weighing over 30lb, as well as pike, roach, silver bream, and eels. It’s a diverse fishery that caters to different fishing styles and offers the chance to catch some impressive fish.