River Avon, Abbey Water

Folds Farm Fishery in Wiltshire offers two miles of fishing area along the River Avon, from New Forest plateau to Fordingbridge.

With multiple parking options for easy access, anglers can enjoy a variety of fishing experiences in serene surroundings and catch diverse fish species.

River Avon, Abbey Water

River Avon, Abbey Water, Wiltshire, BS31 1, United Kingdom

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River Avon, Abbey WaterRiver Avon, Abbey Water

About River Avon, Abbey Water

The Folds Farm Fishery on the River Avon in Wiltshire is a great place to go fishing. It’s located on a big bend in the river, with about two miles of fishing area from the New Forest plateau to Fordingbridge.

There are three places where you can park your car and access the fishery. You can park at the farm itself for easy access to the upper part of the river. There’s also a car park in the middle of the valley for access to all parts of the fishery. And if you park at the Surma Valley Indian Restaurant on the A338, you can easily reach the middle and lower parts of the fishery from Fordingbridge.

Whether you like fishing in quiet spots or exploring different parts of the river, the Folds Farm Fishery is a great place to enjoy nature and catch different kinds of fish.