Cross Drove Fishery

Cross Drove Fishery in Norfolk offers a diverse and exciting fishing experience with its large lake divided into sections called pegs.

Each peg has unique features like islands and reeds, providing a variety of fishing spots to explore.

It’s a great destination for anglers looking for different fishing environments in a beautiful setting.

Cross Drove Fishery

Cross Drove Fishery, Hilgay, Downham Market, Norfolk, IP26 4JQ, United Kingdom

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Cross Drove FisheryCross Drove FisheryCross Drove Fishery

About Cross Drove Fishery

Cross Drove Fishery in Norfolk is a great place for fishing. The lake is big and has lots of different spots to fish from. There are islands, bridges, and even little waterways to fish in. The lake is divided into sections called pegs, so you can choose where you want to fish.

Each peg section has its own unique features, like fishing near islands or in the reeds. This makes fishing at Cross Drove Fishery exciting and fun. You can explore different areas of the lake and try out new fishing spots.

If you want to fish in a beautiful setting with lots of options, Cross Drove Fishery is the place to go.