Oakwood Park Predator Lakes

Oakwood Park Lakes in Norfolk offers a tranquil fishing experience with three lakes to choose from.

The predator lake is stocked with catfish and carp, while the second lake is ideal for course fishing.

Group bookings are available, and advance reservations are recommended.

Prices range from £10 to £250, offering a serene natural setting for a memorable fishing adventure.

Oakwood Park Predator Lakes

Oakwood Park Predator Lakes, Stone Lane, West Acre, King's Lynn, Norfolk, IP26 4JW

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Oakwood Park Predator LakesOakwood Park Predator Lakes

About Oakwood Park Predator Lakes

Oakwood Park Lakes in Norfolk is a peaceful fishing spot located near Hockwold village. We have 33 acres of woodlands with ancient oak trees, providing a serene environment for fishing enthusiasts.

There are three lakes in the park. The predator lake is 4.75 acres with depths of 8-10 feet, stocked with large catfish and carp. The second lake is smaller and perfect for course fishing, nestled among the oak trees. The third lake is an ornamental lake with a picnic area for relaxation.

We only allow a maximum of 12 fishermen on the predator lake at a time, so we recommend booking in advance. You can book as a group of 8-14 fishermen or individually for up to 7 people.

Prices for fishing range from £75 for a day ticket per person to £250 for a week. Group bookings range from £600 for 24 hours to £2000 for a week. Carp lake prices are £10 for a day ticket and £25 for night fishing.

To book, please call us at the numbers provided. A non-refundable deposit is required for all bookings. Fishing at Oakwood Park Lakes is a great way to enjoy the beauty of nature and have a memorable fishing experience.